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Thursday, April 18, 2013

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List of Anniversary

Year        Name of the Anniversary
1st            Papper
2nd           Cotton
3rd                Leather 
4th                 Linen 
5th                 Wood 
6th                 Iron  
7th                 Copper
8th                 Bronze  
9th                 Pottery 
10th             Alluminium 
11th             Steel 
12th             Silk 
13th             Lace 
14th             Ivory 
15th             Crystal
16th          Peridot
17th         Watches
18th         Cat’s Eye
19th         Aquamarine
20th         China
25th         Silver Jubile
30th         Pearal
35th         Coaral
40th         Rubby
45th         Sapphire
50th         Golden Jubilee
55th         Emerald
60th         Diamond
65th         Blue Sapphire
70th         Platinum
100th      Centennary/ Centennial/Platinum Jubilee

All India Bar Examination

Notice to the Visitor:

You are requested to Confirm  everything (i.e Fee, Important Dates, Syllabus) from Official Website: 

1) All India Bar Examination - IV was held on 9th Dec 2012.
2) All Indian Bar Examination - V was conducted on 25th Aug, 2013
3) All Indian Bar Examination - VI schedule released
     Registration starts from 09th Oct, 2013
     Date of Examination    22nd December 2013


For full / further / up to dated information, visit (CLICK) the following official website:

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